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How do you contribute in life?

Two people talking and smiling in the outdoors

How do you contribute in life? From the billionaires who have developed technology to the humble tree that takes in carbon monoxide we all contribute.

Every species living in the world has contributed something to the world and made it the place that it is today. 

What if it’s just the little things?

Some people may think that contributing to society is an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have be. We can make the world around us a better place by simply helping people around us live happier lives. Whether through direct support or simple actions like encouraging others.

You are here for a reason

Everyone (including you!) is in this world and is here for a reason. When you contribute, whether it be more personal and closer to home, or in the wide community, it creates a sense of purpose. Think of a time where you gave your time in order to create or contribute to something bigger than you. How did it make you feel?

Contributing makes you feel good.

What you can contribute personally can serve as a source of purpose and motivation. In turn, it will become easier to ask for help when you need, which is a big part of being resilient. Contribution is the seventh and last building block for resilience . It can help you feel comfortable asking for help rather than feeling shame. 

How do you contribute in life?

  1. Refer to your values and evaluate whether you are contributing in a way that is in line with your values

  2. Explore situations in which you feel you are contributing and bring these situations into your life

  3. Remember how it feels to contribute when asking for help, which will make asking for help easier.


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