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Life is messy and it can be tough to keep yourself afloat.

  • South Melbourne Psychology Services.

  • Client-Centred Counselling.

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Psychology services for children, adolescents & adults in Melbourne.

If you’re out of your depth and sinking, we’ll help you find your feet. If you’re sad, lost or angry, or scared, we’ll help you work out ‘why’ and ‘what to do’ to feel better.

If you’re bored rigid by work or life, and desperate to do something different, we’ll help you get unstuck

If your comfort zone is feeling anything but comfortable right now, step out of it and talk to us.

What can we help you with?

Treating Anxiety and Depression

If you’re anxious, you’re not alone. 1 in 10 of us experienced depression in pre-pandemic Australia.


You don’t have to go it alone either. With the right support, you can feel better.

Recovering from grief and loss

Losing a loved one, a job, a relationship can trigger an emotional tsunami.


Support tailored to who you are and what you believe can help you come to terms with loss.

Managing anger and conflict

All humans get angry. But If you get seriously, dangerously raging often or easily, let’s find out why.


Then we’ll give you the tools to control and ultimately change those angry reactions.

Navigating life crises

Life dishes up some pretty derailing stuff. All of us have to confront seismic events.

These are the upheavals that leave us questioning who we are, where we’re going, and who’s along for the ride.

Breakups, redundancies, illness, and accidents, the list is long. If you’re feeling shaken and stirred and need help to make it through a significant life transition, we’re here.

Recovering from trauma

People react differently to the shock of surviving or witnessing a traumatic event.

Some effects are intermittent others are constant. In either case, the impact of untreated trauma can be profound and debilitating.


If you’ve experienced a terrible event, you may feel numb, overwhelmed, or physically ill. We’ll work with you on ways to move forward by managing your emotions and finding a sense of stability and calm.

Rebooting mojo and momentum

If you’ve fallen out of love with your career, your ‘used to be close’ friends, your whole life as you’ve been living it, somethings gotta give.

We’ll help you swap what’s not working for ways to make a fresh start.

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Are you an NDIS participant or support coordinator? 

Our psychologists offer psychology services to NDIS participants. 

We work with children, adolescents and adults.

Contact us today to discuss your needs. 

More about Psychology

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Boutique Psychology Services FAQ

  • Do I need a referral?
    No, you don’t need a referral to come to us. We work mostly with Provisional Psychologists who are not eligible for a Medicare Rebate. What is a Provisional Psychologist? A Provisional Psychologist is someone who is registered with AHPRA and is required to work under supervision of a board approved supervisor for a period of time. The advantages of a Provisional Psychologist is that they are cheaper than Registered Psychologists. They will support you on your therapeutic journey and seek support via their supervisors to assist in the best therapeutic outcomes. Provisional Psychologists also have shorter wait times in general. *The exception to the Medicare rebate rule is any of our Registered Psychologists. When you book with them you can receive a Medicare rebate. A GP referral based on a Mental Health Care Plan, generally makes you eligible for a Medicare rebate of $92.90 per session for up to 10 sessions annually. If you don’t have a Mental Health Care Plan, our standard fees apply.
  • Can I get a Medicare or private health insurance rebate?
    If your GP or a psychiatrist has given you a Mental Health Treatment Plan and referred you to us, you’re eligible to receive a Medicare rebate. This rebate is $92.90 per individual session for up to 10 sessions per calendar year. An additional COVID impact rebate is available until 30 June 2022, covering a further ten sessions. We can process your rebate online when you pay for your session. Medicare estimates that rebates appear in your bank account within two to three business days. NOTE: You can either ask your GP to send us an electronic or faxed copy of your Mental Health Plan or bring a paper copy to your first session to confirm your eligibility. Private Health Insurance If you have private health insurance that includes psychological counselling as extras cover, you may be eligible for a partial rebate. Please contact your insurance provider to confirm your level of cover with a registered psychologist. NOTE: You can only use one form of rebate per session. If you are eligible for both types of rebates, you’ll need to choose either your private health insurance or Medicare to help cover the costs of each session. Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) Eligible students will need to send our invoice to OSHC to claim a rebate.
  • Do you have after-hours appointments?
    No, our clinic is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.
  • What are your fees?
    Therapy Our fees for 50-minute Counselling sessions reflect the experience of our team. Comprehensive Assessment $3,280 TOTAL including the assessment and the report. Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment $1830 TOTAL, including the assessment and the report. ADHD Assessment $1230 TOTAL including the assessment and the report. Autism and ADHD Combined Assessment $2,484 TOTAL including the assessment and the report. NOTE: You may be eligible for funding to support these assessments from The Helping Children with Autism (HCWA) package or FaHCSIA (Department of Families, Housing, Community Services, and Indigenous Affairs), Our fees for 50-minute Counselling sessions reflect the experience of our team. NOTE: A Mental Health Plan entitles you to a Medicare rebate of $92.90 per session for ten sessions annually. NOTE: We are not a Bulk Billing practice
  • How does Telehealth work?
    We are currently offering both face to face and telehealth appointments. We believe it is your choice as to choose what works best for you. You can choose to have your appointment via teleconference using our telehealth service or over the phone. If you opt to meet via Telehealth, we will send you a secure login link before your first session. Please save this link, as we’ll use the same link for all your appointments.
  • What if I need to cancel?
    Someone on our waiting list will be happy to have your cancelled appointment. So please give us time to contact someone else and save yourself the fee. There is no fee if you cancel at least 48 hours before your appointment. We charge the full fee for cancellations within 48 hours of your appointment. NOTE. You can’t claim a Medicare rebate on a late cancellation fee.
  • Can a Psychologist prescribe medication?
    No, psychologists in Australia cannot prescribe medication. If you want to explore medication for ADHD you need to have an ADHD assessment performed by a psychiatrist.
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