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Developing character and resilience.

Confident person smiling slightly at the camera wearing a stripey top

Everyone has their own perceptions and ideas of what constitutes a good character. Ideas about character can be influenced by many factors.  What your parents taught you in terms of right from wrong may influence your opinion.

Current relationships, both platonic and romantic and also your own experiences. Whatever the factors, everyone has and needs a fundamental sense of right and wrong.  This sense of right and wrong ensures that you are prepared to contribute to the world and find stability. 

Character and resilience.

The sixth building block of resilience, character, refers to the set of morals and values that determine right from wrong. It also refers to a commitment to integrity and your attitudes towards other people. Character and a sense of right and wrong is important. Character contributes to the way you treat other people and by extension, yourself.

The way you treat others will impact the relationships you have in your life and your ability to maintain them. People with high levels of resilience generally tend to have strong connections.  They also have a good support system in place when life is challenging. 

Having a strong community or support system in place is intertwined with connection and in turn, fosters as sense of belonging.

You are likely to attract people who have similar beliefs, values and morals as you, so developing a good character is important in order to attract those who are like minded. 

Things you can do to facilitate character:

  1. Examine how your behaviour affects others and make changes where you believe is appropriate

  2.  Consider the different between right versus wrong when making choices. Try to look beyond the temptation of immediate gratification and instead, look long term as to how each choice will affect the people involved

  3. Analyse what your values are and how you can live them out in order to create a fulfilling and meaningful life


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