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Create resilience with connection.

Couple hugging and looking at the camera illustrating resilience by connection for Boutique Psychology blog

Humans are not made to work or live in solitary. We are social creatures and are made to interact with others. Research shows that one of the biggest protective factors as a child is experiencing unconditional love. Is it possible to create resilience with connection?

As an adult, having strong social supports creates favourable outcomes. Having an emotional safety net creates a foundation to express feelings. Specifically this safety net makes it easier to find solutions to problems. 

Connection is the fifth building block of resilience.

Connection refers to the relationships one has with other people. Including educational groups, communities, workplaces and athletic groups.  Nurturing connections increases a sense of belonging in the world.

When you have strong values and strong connections to other people, you are less likely to seek out destructive alternate behaviours.  

Create resilience with connection.

Having strong solid connections to others also helps to create empathy.  Also creating the desire to understand the feelings of others helps you to move beyond fixed views.   You may forge new solutions or express feelings and communicate. Lastly this can lead resolving conflicts amicably. 

Things you can do to facilitate connection.

  1. Foster healthy relationships in order to reinforce positive messages.

  2. Allow yourself to express all emotions in order to feel comfortable in more situations.

  3. Address how you feel in situations openly to others so everyone is on the same page.

  4. Practice empathy and understanding with the connections in your life.


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