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Supervision for Provisional Psychologists

Self-care focused supervision for Provisional Psychologists in South Melbourne

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Launch your psychology career

Boutique Psychology also offers dynamic early career psychologists a supported structured pathway leading to private practice, if that’s your goal.

What we offer


A supported, structured career path for Psychologists

Boutique Psychology is an educational practice dedicated to supporting psychologists to become the best clinicians they can be.  We provide skilled onsite Board approved supervisors with over thirty years of clinical experience and an extensive knowledge of the provisional pathway. 

We'll guide and propel you through each stage of a fulfilling career and help you identify your niche.

A team of hard-working, heart-driven professionals

Who can speak for themselves….

‘I’m a career-long advocate for workplaces that challenge and cherish their teams. I want to work with other Psychologists who go every inch of the extra mile for their clients and each other. At Boutique Psychology, that’s what we do.’
Samantha, former Boutique Psychologist

‘Boutique Psychology is a brilliant place to be a provisional Psychologist. We’re a close-knit and totally committed team. Everyone’s voice gets heard, and I know I’ll be guided and supported as a person and as a professional.’
Dana Vlamis, Provisional Boutique Psychologist

A diverse clinical caseload

We receive a high volume of referrals for client-centred counselling from our established network of GPs, and allied health practitioners. We are also receiving a growing number of referrals for Psychoeducational and Autism Assessments. Boutique Psychology accepts third-party referrals from TAC, WorkCover, and NDIS providers.

Cindy Parsons

Supervision with Cindy

Our Founder, Principal Psychologist, and Board Approved Supervisor. Cindy Parsons has supported provisional psychologists through the pathway.

To help provisional psychologists understand the process and the art of psychology not just the tasks or content.

Cindy provides self-care focused supervision aimed at making you a healthy, balanced human as well as a skilful clinician.

She’s also a curriculum writer and advisor with her finger on the pulse of registration and professional development processes. Be assured she’ll help you prepare for board-approved assessments and the exam and spare you the stress of needing to complete an additional program.

Dr Alex West

Supervision with Alex

Alex works to ensure that the provisional psychologists she supports are not only competent, but have self confidence.

She endeavours to provide provisional psychologists with a well rounded approach to formulating assessments and therapeutic interventions.

What you’ll bring

  • You’re a hardwired curious, life-long learner looking for a lively, supportive place to grow professionally and personally.

  • You’re keen on plotting a career path towards a assessment or intervention.

  • You’re independent and collaborative. You can manage a challenging workload and make time for your colleagues and for growing our practice. 

  • You take your career seriously, but yourself a little less so. A sense of fun will serve you well here.