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Autism Assessments for Children and Adolescents in Melbourne

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ADOS-2) Assessments for Children and Adolescents aged 2.5 to 17. 

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Exploring the possibility of your child being Autistic

If you've observed some behaviours or received feedback suggesting your child may be Autistic, navigating the assessment phase is important, but it may feel challenging. Concerns about long-term implications, social perceptions, or future support for your child are common for care-givers and parents.


At Boutique Psychology, we view autism assessments as more than diagnoses or tests — they're gateways to understanding and catering to your child's distinct needs. Assessments provide clarity, equip you with essential tools, and pave the way for a more accommodating world for your child. Keep scrolling to discover how an autism assessment can be a beneficial step for your family.

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What is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental disability that manifests uniquely in every child. While the exact cause of autism remains largely unknown, genetics can play a role. Autistic children may display variations in behaviour, communication, interaction, and learning styles. For some, these differences are subtle, while for others, they are more pronounced.

Autistic children might engage in 'masking,' where they conceal certain behaviours or traits to fit in with their peers. This varies greatly among children; some may be non-speaking and require significant support in daily activities, while others navigate life with fewer support requirements.

We are committed to recognising and understanding each child as an individual. Our team is inclusive and supportive of gender diversity, recognising and celebrating these differences as part of our comprehensive care. 

The medical community continues to advance in understanding, assessing, and diagnosing autism. We are equipped to identify the specific needs of each child and offer tailored strategies to help them overcome daily challenges and thrive.

What are the benefits of having an Autism Assessment?

Better Understanding of the Child's Needs

An autism assessment reveals a child's specific strengths and challenges, enabling parents, caregivers, and educators to create a tailored, supportive environment. This understanding fosters better communication and stronger relationships with the child.


Tailored Support and Interventions

Early diagnosis enables tailored support like specialised education, speech and occupational therapy, and behavioural interventions. Starting these early significantly enhances a child's development, life skills, communication, and social interactions.

Access to Resources and Community Support

A diagnosis can help you with access to specialised programs, funding, and educational accommodations tailored for autistic children. It can also connect families to a supportive community for shared experiences and information.

Why do we choose the ADOS-2 for autism assessments for children and adolescents?

Boutique Psychology specialises in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) assessments, utilising the ADOS-2, the current gold standard diagnostic test for autism. Our evaluations aim to determine the support levels needed for autistic individuals to navigate the neurotypical world more effectively.

In addition to ADOS-2, we employ the MIGDAS-2 diagnostic interview, a sensory-based method respected by the neurodiverse community for its affirming approach. Unlike traditional deficit-based models, MIGDAS-2 focuses on individual needs, sensitivities, habits, and patterns. This approach is integral in diagnosing autism in children and adolescents, ensuring a nuanced and respectful understanding of each individual's unique experience with autism.

How much does an Autism Assessment cost?

* There are currently no publicly funded assessment clinics in Victoria.

Cancelling and rescheduling fees.

We make meticulous preparations for your assessment appointment. If you need to reschedule the date or time, please give us at least 48 hours notice.

Cancellations or changes within 48 hours will incur a $428.82 fee added to your assessment cost.

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