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Resilience and confidence

Children playing in a classroom

What is the connection between resilience and confidence? Confidence is believing in your own abilities and is deeply rooted in competence. Competence is being able to demonstrate capability in real life situations.

Facing situations can help us develop competence. We know how to react and we know that we can face the situation. Competence develops along side the ability to handle anxiety and stress.

Competence leads to confidence.

To grow in any area requires belief in your own abilities.  Knowing you can deal with external challenges that you may face. Confidence is gained by developing competence in these real situations. Gaining confidence to try new things and make sound choices is another benefit of competence.

Having confidence in your own skills.

Confidence is the fourth building block of resilience. While you are learning and progressing, resilience is being developed. It is also developing when you are attribute your success to your skill, versus due to luck. True confidence does not come from seeking external validation for your competence.  Confidence comes from internal validation.

Things you can do to facilitate confidence.

  1. Focus on the development of your own values and qualities.

  2. When setting goals, don’t set goals that you know you will definitely achieve without a doubt.

  3. Set goals that are slightly beyond what you have already surpassed, but be realistic.

  4. Avoid seeking external validation and give yourself credit.

Resilience and confidence is within your grasp.

In conclusion, we hope you have recognised that resilience and confidence is within your grasp. Small actions taken daily can increase your competence in any areas you find challenging.


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