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Why we are so obsessed with Kaiko Fidget Spinners?

Kaiko Founders on Sunrise

We’re always looking for new and engaging ways to support our clients in their productivity and well-being, and it’s always a happy coincidence if it helps us too, which is why we were super excited when we discovered Kaiko Fidgets.

Fidgets are great for neurodivergent people because they work to stimulate the brain’s adrenaline and cortisol levels to allow for focus on everyday thinking tasks.

This makes for less focus on high stress and negative emotions, which can hinder productivity and more focus on things that benefit productivity and well-being.

Supporting people that walk the walk is important to us, and Kaiko Fidgets are made by neurodivergent people for neurodivergent people, which is probably why they are discreet and noiseless.

Discreet and noiseless is fabulous for adults because they can use them without anyone knowing, and great for kids, because there’s no noise to annoy them or anyone else around them!

There are plenty of fidgets available to buy and they all serve their purpose, but we know it’s important that these tools are durable, functional and designed specifically with adults and teens in mind.

We know Kaiko fidgets are all they’re cracked up to be, because they are used and loved by our neurodivergent staff members.

Not only are we obsessed with their products because they are so fidgety and awesome, but the story behind their development is wholesome and lovely.

As a business owned and operated by women at Boutique Psychology, we love supporting mums and local business, which is why we were completely on board when we discovered Kaiko is family-owned and operated right here in Melbourne.

Kaiko Products

Founded by Joanne and her neurodivergent son Kai, the pair set out to create purposeful fidgets that didn’t look like toys and would appeal to a variety of sensory needs.

When he was 11 years old, Kai (who lives with dyslexia and is autistic) started making fidgets for himself because he couldn’t find many options that weren’t noisy or toy-like.

Kai created a range of fidgets to assist with mental health, anxiety and focus, and, with the support of his parents, started selling his stylish designs.

Using her experience and training as an occupational therapist - and her lived experience with Autism and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), Jo was able to develop fidgets designed specifically to cater to the sensory needs of neurodivergent people.

And they have been a hit! Purposeful in nature and design, our staff and patients, and plenty of other people, are hugely benefiting from the work of Jo and Kai.

From fidgets that help with picking and harm minimisation (spikey range), to fidgets that are good for rhythmic stimmers (hand rollers and his chain fidgets) right through to products that assist with soft soothing (caterpillar and caterpillar necklace), Kai and his mum have made something for most neurodivergent fidgeters.

Kaiko fidgets (the name Kaiko is a combination of Kai and his brother Kobi’s names, which we love), are developed specifically to appeal to various sensory needs through the use of different materials and techniques.

We are big fans of the Metal Infinity Cube, which gives a smooth, cool-to-the-touch sensation, and the Flywheel Spinner, which stimulates the brain through momentum to reduce outside distractions.

Created not to look like toys, there is no shame in using these fidgets because people won’t even know the difference.

We have some available here at the clinic so you can try them in the waiting room before your session - we’ll probably be using them, too!

At Boutique Psychology, we are big fans of the products and work of Kaiko Fidgets, and we love their ethos of creating judgment-free, discreet designs to benefit neurodivergent people.


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