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Comprehensive Psychological Assessments

 A thorough and accurate understanding of your unique psychological profile

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Unlocking Potential: The Power of a Unified Comprehensive Psychological Assessment

At Boutique Psychology, we recognise that every individual is unique, with their own set of challenges and strengths.


Our Comprehensive Assessments are designed to offer a thorough and accurate understanding of these aspects, providing a psychologically holistic view. By identifying both strengths and areas of challenge, we can offer insights into effective strategies for improvement and overall well-being.

Why Choose a Comprehensive Assessment at Boutique Psychology? 

Holistic Approach:


Our assessments provide a complete psychological profile, considering various aspects such as cognitive functions, personality, and educational abilities. Uncover the interconnected nature of neurodiversity, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), learning difficulties, and educational developmental delays.

Clarity and Accuracy:


We delve deep to distinguish between overlapping conditions, ensuring accurate diagnosis and a nuanced understanding of individual needs. Benefit from a unified evaluation that addresses multiple facets in one comprehensive assessment.

Tailored Strategies:


Gain insights into effective and personalised strategies to address specific challenges and enhance your inherent strengths.

Craft treatment plans that consider the entirety of your psychological well-being.


What are the benefits of having a Comprehensive Psychological Assessment?

Diagnose your difficulty

  • Understand the root causes of challenges, identifying both strengths and areas that may require additional support.

Navigate overwhelm

  • Acquire strategies to manage various aspects of life effectively, minimizing stress and enhancing coping mechanisms.

Embrace potential 

  • We don’t believe in labels and limits. We’ll work with you to help you realise your potential, whatever your assessment reveals.

  • Our team is trained to work with clients who identify as neurodivergent, Autistic, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), personality disorders, mood disorders, learning difficulties, and educational developmental delays.

Step One: We’re listening

First Appointment: 2-hour Telehealth session for intake interview and information gathering.

  • We’ll begin by talking about your experience, your history and concerns.​

  • We discuss your development and experiences and challenges.

  • Tell us where you see strengths and stumbling blocks.

Step Two: Assessing

Second and Third Appointment: Two 2-hour 2 hours in the clinic for in-depth assessment.

Based on what we discover in our discussions your psychologist will ask you to answer a series of standardised questions, sometimes on an iPad, sometimes using pen and paper.​

Step Three: Scoring and Reporting

We score and review all of the assessments and write a comprehensive and easy to read report. 

Your report will be a formal document you can share with your health care team.

Step Four: Feedback

Fourth Appointment: 1-hour Telehealth session for feedback.

We schedule this session for between two and three weeks after your assessment via telehealth and go through your report and findings.

Coffee Break

We don't do 'one size fits' all assessments. Your psychologist will tailor your assessment and the tools to suit your needs.

How much does an Comprehensive Assessment cost?


* There are currently no publicly funded assessment clinics in Victoria.

  • $3280 – for a full comprehensive assessment.

Cancelling and rescheduling

We make meticulous preparations for your assessment appointment. If you need to reschedule the date or time, please give us at least 48 hours notice.

Cancellations or changes within 48 hours will incur a $428.82 fee added to your assessment cost.

After my diagnosis can I get support from NDIS?​

You may be eligible for funding for assistance and support under NDIS. 

If you’re an NDIS  participant diagnosed with psychosocial disabilities, you may be eligible to include Psychology Services in your NDIS plan. Psychology is covered in the support category “Improved Daily Living Skills” in your plan’s Capacity Building section.

Information on Medicare, NDIS and rebates.

Check out our FAQ page for any other questions you may have about Medicare and Mental Health Care Plans.

Enquire about Comprehensive Assessments

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We're listening. 

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