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The Road to Self-Awareness

Person walking alone on a road near the ocean for Boutique Psychology blog about self awareness

I listened to a lecture the other day about the road to self-awareness and the path we travel to find become fully aware of ourselves. The speaker described the path as starting with self-regulation, truly feeling our emotions, and learning to manage our feelings both good and bad in times of stress or joy. Emotional self-regulation is the ability to respond with a flexible range of emotions, both spontaneously and on demand.

  • Self-regulation

  • Truly feeling our emotions

  • Learning to manage our feelings both good and bad in times of stress or joy

They argued that self-regulation improved our self-awareness and it did that through language. You see they noted when you feel your emotions and can contain them your better able to ask for what you need which increased your self-expression.

The Road to Self-Awareness increases our connection to others.

This increase in self-expression increases with our self-awareness, which increased our connection to others. Feeling our feelings, having our emotional responses, and managing those in an adaptive manner allows us to feel safe enough to express ourselves and ask for what we need in that moment.

Graphic of the road to self awareness Boutique Psychology

Asking for what we need allows us to feel vulnerable.

We experience trust in someone when we ask for what we need. When we truly connect to ourselves, we can truly connect to others. The greatest challenge with becoming our authentic self is developing the language to support ourselves.


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