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What is Schema Therapy?

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  • What is Schema Therapy?

  • How does this therapy work?

  • How could this therapy help me?

What is Schema Therapy?

Schema therapy is a treatment approach that helps you identify thought and behaviour patterns.

Because the way we cope can relate to how our emotional needs were met as children.  If our needs were not met, schemas or patterns develop that can lead to unhealthy life choices.

How does Schema Therapy work?

Schema is a newer type of approach. The technique involves elements from CBT, attachment theory, psychoanalysis and emotion focused therapy. You can work with our mental health professionals to uncover unmet emotional needs. We work with clients to develop a greater sense of self-worth and adequacy. We also explore methods for nurturing relationships.

Techniques that lead towards happiness in your life and even reaching your goals.

How could this therapy help me?

Some of the methods we create to approach life are self-defeating. These are core themes or patterns that we repeat throughout our lives.  With Schema Therapy you will begin to make decisions based on what’s best for yourself.  Additionally you learn why some of your coping methods cause you issues.

You work closely with a professional to uncover and understand your own thoughts. These are your schemas, your frameworks and your ideas. Consequently you can have events that have built up in your life that haven’t been properly worked out or addressed. We help you find the schemas that are unhelpful and identify the patterns so you can work on them.

Schema Therapy is an integrative approach that aims to treat personality disorders and other mental health concerns. These concerns may not respond to other treatments.

Schema therapy teaches you to have your emotional core needs met in a healthy and sustainable way.


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