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Resilience and competence

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What is the correlation between resilience and competence?

Firstly competence is the second building block of resilience. It refers to the ability to know how to handle stressful or anxiety provoking situations.

A good competence level requires having the skills to face challenges. Therefore It is vital to have had the opportunities to practice. Specifically you need to have been using the skills to feel capable in similar situations.

People need to aware of when they are doing something right in order create more opportunities to develop specific skills. It’s important to notice when you feel a particular passion for something, or the capacity for a specific skill in order to encourage growth in this area. This in turn will make you feel more competent in the things you want to achieve in your life. 

Resilience and competence , bouncing back.

Competence also requires the ability to trust your judgment in order to make responsible choices.

If you do not allow yourself to recover after a fall, it undermines your confidence. You need to grow or nourish the ability to bounce back.

In situations where you do not feel competent it’s best not to give up. Identify your challenges and what strategies you have in place to cope with them. Remember to ask questions, notice areas you are doing well in. Take those opportunities to grow because without growth, you cannot flourish!

Things you can do to facilitate competence:

  1. Focus on your individual strengths and how you can utilise them in an everyday capacity.  

  2. Create and continue to reflect on self-awareness

  3. Become more conscious of your strengths, weaknesses, beliefs and reactions.

  4. Engage in stress reduction and practice these skills.

  5. Identify mistakes you have made in situations with unfavourable outcomes and how you have solved them.

  6. Recognise your strengths without comparisons to other people.


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