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21 day self care challenge

Person pushing someone in a wheelchair

Self care is an essential part if our well being. 

Boutique Psychology created this 21 day self care challenge just for you. The concept of ‘self-care’ has become increasingly popular in recent years. It can be difficult to know what self care really means. 

This term is used to describe a range of activities that are meant for your own benefit. Self care helps us to manage stress, pays attention when we need time away from work or family obligations and makes sure your physical health stays topped up on all levels.

The definition of self care isn’t cut and dry, or the same for every person.

It does involve taking steps towards promoting ones own happiness by engaging in strategies which enhance positive growth within oneself. Boutique Psychology created this 21 day self care challenge just for you. If you attempt a few and aren’t able to do the assigned activity every day that’s ok. It’s simply important that you try where possible to make self care a priority.

While this idea may sound straightforward at face value , following through with such tactics requires effort everyday . It’s important therefore that we understand not only its importance but also how you can best take care of yourself.

Boutique Psychology – 21 day self care challenge

Well done for participating! If you managed to complete one self care activity every day, you have done a great job. If you just liked one of the self care ideas and want to do that regularly as a way to relax, brilliant.

Self care is what works for you best.


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