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About Jordan Rainone


Ever since a young age I’ve always felt very passionate about working with individuals to understand, communicate and provide a space to reflect on everyone’s unique individual life experiences. Stepping into the world of psychology had a profound impact on both my motivation and desire to work alongside people, and it shortly became obvious that this is the industry I wanted to work in. As a psychologist, I am able to apply my own traits of warmth, empathy and being an attentive listener into a space that actively seeks to help people overcome many life obstacles. Through my studies I had the privilege to work alongside diverse individuals from many walks of life and further my understanding of the many challenges that transpire across the lifespan.

“I am an individual who understands the ups and downs that come with human experience.”

How I help

My therapeutic style is grounded in building an authentic and collaborative relationship with my clients, to enable them the comfortable environment and safety to express their thoughts and feelings. I find it important to build on that connection with my clients, as I too understand the difficulty and vulnerability that comes with seeking mental health support. In my practice I have utilised Cognitive behavioural Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness and motivational interviewing (MI) to tailor a unique therapeutic plan that aligns with my clients goals and desires. I believe in the empowerment of individuals and ensuring therapy is a collaborative and engaging process that strives on being person-centred. 


Why I’m here


At Boutique Psychology I am able to work with individuals from all walks of life and work within a warm, welcoming and professional environment that allows me to grow. The supportive culture at Boutique Psychology provides the perfect environment for personal and professional development.


Things I love to do

In my spare time I enjoy playing tennis, spending time with my cat, being outdoors and continuing to create memories with friends and loved ones. I am a very sentimental person and will be found taking many photos along the way.

Credentials – Jordan Rainone

  • Registered Provisional Psychologist (AHPRA)

  • Bachelor of Psychological Science, Australian College of Applied Psychology

  • Bachelor of Psychology (Honours), Cairnmillar Institute

  • Master of Professional Psychology, Victoria University

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