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About Adriana Vlamis


Growing up a Greek-Australian, born in rural Victoria, I watched many people in my community struggle to access mental health services to get help to resolve their issues. Subsequently as a young adult facing my own challenges, Psychology appealed to me initially as a way to make sense of what was happening to me. So pretty quickly, it became my career path. I’m an early career provisional psychologist. Fascinated by neurology, the science of how our amazing brains work, grow, and adapt to changes. Specifically my goal is to study and work in neuro-psychology.

*Not currently taking new therapy clients.

“More of what works well for you and less of what doesn’t.”

How I help

I’ve always connected with people who are struggling to manage difficult things. As a Psychologist, I use this strength to help humans understand they’re not alone and that they can find the right support to help them heal.

We all experience and process things differently, so in counselling, I aim to help you find out what this means for you. Once we know how and why you experience life as you do, I’ll help you do more of what works well for you and less of what doesn’t. My work currently supports clients with learning assessments and counselling. A learning assessment can help you understand how you learn best. It can also help you understand and manage any difficulties that make it hard for you to learn.

Why I’m here

Boutique Psychology is a brilliant place to be a provisional Psychologist. We’re a close-knit and committed team. Everyone’s voice gets heard, and Cindy’s approach to supervision is strong on self-care. I know I’ll be guided and supported as a person and as a professional.

Things I love to do

I am obsessed with music and music theatre. I sing and play music, and I write songs. I’m a sports tragic who’ll go to any kind of match or watch it on television. Just so you know, I’m a well-rounded individual, I also read and devour documentaries, and I’m a whizz in the kitchen.

  • When I need to chill, I head for the calming influence of nature.

  • Volunteer care coordinator for the Make a Wish foundation.

Credentials – Adriana Vlamis

  • Provisional Psychologist and a member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS)

  • Bachelor of Science, Applied Science Psychology – RMIT

  • Graduate Diploma of Psychology (Advanced) – Monash University

  • Mental Health First Aid

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