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Madi Smith Boutique Psychology

About Madi Smith


I have been curious about human behaviour and mental health from a young age. Growing up I witnesses people around me experiencing mental health issues and the stigma that they felt as a result of this. It was something that I did not understand and wanted to change. I specifically enjoy working with older adolescents and adult clients to target their individual goals and help them in any way that I can. My experience as a volunteer at a carer helpline for those assisting others with mental illness, working with neurodiverse children through play therapy and counselling high school aged children has developed my skills in a range of areas to work empathetically and productively in this area. I have worked with a range of presentations and am passionate about working with LGBTQIA+ people.  

“I want to be someone that people can feel comfortable talking to without the fear of being stigmatised or judged.”

How I help

I strongly believe that the client is the expert in their own life and I believe that the client should have a strong sense of autonomy when working with me. As everyone is different, I will tailor my therapeutic approach depending on the client I am seeing and will work with them to decide what will work best for the client. When we are in sessions we are working together, which is why I strongly believe in developing strong levels of rapport with my clients. This builds a strong foundation of trust and understanding where the client can feel comfortable with me. I use evidence-based practice to target my clients’ specific goals as I believe that a science-based approach is extremely important when working in the mental health space. I use therapies and techniques that have been researched to provide the best quality care. Through these evidence-based practices, I aim to help the client to create skills that they can take into the real world in order to empower their lives to hopefully one day no longer require therapy. 


Why I’m here

Working at Boutique Psychology is rewarding as there is such a diversity in the workplace, this includes the people, our clients and the services that we provide. I believe that it is hard to find a company that provides such a diverse range of services and this is an important aspect for me. The team is extremely supportive and friendly and I know that everyone truly cares about the field they work in and providing the best service for our clients.  

Things I love to do

I love being in the outdoors and staying active which can include walking my dog, boxing and surfing. I also love spending time with my friends and I also cannot pass up a good true crime documentary and have some excellent recommendations.  

Credentials – Madi Smith

  • Registered Provisional Psychologist and member of the APS

  • Master of Professional Psychology at the Cairnmillar Institute 

  • Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) at the Cairnmillar Institute 

  • Bachelor of Health Science (Psychology, Forensic Science and Criminology) 

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