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About Daniel Madden


As a Psychologist, I draw on evidence-based understanding of behaviour and emotions and reframe perspectives to improve people’s lives, as well as implement concrete strategies to make life easier where possible. I’m a firm believer in the scientific method. I prefer where possible to work with adults and adolescents.

*Not currently taking new therapy clients.

“I’m an empathetic, attentive listener, and I support my clients to find practical, creative solutions that work well for them."

How I help

Helping my clients to understand how their thoughts and feelings influence their behaviour. How sometimes when we are in a bad place; we can interact with others in a way that doesn’t allow us to foster relationships or develop consistent healthy habits.

I empower and support my clients to take a new perspective on otherwise negative aspects of their life and how to focus on their strengths rather than areas of relative weakness.

Youth mental health is a specific passion of mine and supporting young men is very important to me. I’m keen to help break the stigma that stops men from reaching out to their friends, family, and community when they need help.

For three years I was a Youth Reference Group Member at Headspace in Cairns. As part of a group of an eighteen to twenty-five-year-old volunteers supporting the Community Engagement Officer to promote headspace and youth mental health. Developing and co-facilitating psycho educational and life skill initiatives with local schools. Liaising with local communities to advocate for healthy relationship initiatives they believed would be helpful.

Why I’m here

Working here at Boutique Psychology is rewarding because I believe in our ethos and values. I believe that psychological services should be affordable, and I work with a group of passionate and inclusive colleagues; totally focused on doing what’s best for our clients.

Things I love to do

Being a board game fanatic who believes that play is vital in developing and maintaining friendships. I also love to cook (hopefully) delicious food as a way of showing my gratitude for friends, family and others who are important in my own life.


Credentials – Daniel Madden

  • Member of Australian Association of Psychologists Inc (AAPI)

  • Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) – James Cook University

  • Mental Health First Aider (Version 4)

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