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*Please note you must be able to attend at our South Melbourne Clinic for any in-person appointments your assessment requires. 

How it works:

Once the payment has been initiated Boutique Psychology will send you an email to confirm that we have received your payment request. 

Once we receive notice from Afterpay that your payment method has been approved we will begin the process of booking your appointment. 

Our administration team will guide you through the booking process. 

If you have any questions before initating an Afterpay payment, please contact our friendly team. 

Please note: if you wish to investigate medication as a treatment for ADHD you will need to be assessed by a Psychiatrist. A diagnosis of ADHD from a psychologist will not give access to medication. 

Combined Autism and ADHD Assessment

  • We make meticulous preparations for your assessment appointment. If you need to reschedule the date or time, please give us at least 48 hours notice.

    Cancellations or changes within 48 hours will incur a $428.82 fee added to your assessment cost.

  • Afterpay Terms and Conditions for Boutique Psychology

    ​Eligibility: Clients must have an Afterpay account in good standing to use Afterpay for psychological testing and assessment package payments.

    Payment Schedule: Purchases will be split into four equal, interest-free installments. The first instalment is due at the time of purchase, with subsequent payments due every fortnight.

    When using Afterpay at Boutique Psychology, the total cost of psychological testing and assessment packages is divided into four equal payments. These installments are due every two weeks, starting at the time of purchase. This arrangement allows clients to receive services immediately while spreading the cost over eight weeks. It's important to note that these payments are interest-free if paid on time, according to Afterpay's schedule. Late payments may incur fees as outlined by Afterpay's terms of service, ensuring transparency and predictability in managing your mental health investment.

    Service Access: Access to psychological testing and assessment packages may be contingent upon the first installment payment or full payment through Afterpay, depending on Boutique Psychology's service delivery policies.

    To access Boutique Psychology's services through Afterpay, the initial installment payment must be cleared at the time of booking your first appointment. This upfront instalment confirms your booking and secures your access to our psychological assessment services. The remaining three payments will be due according to Afterpay's fortnightly schedule. This payment method ensures that services are accessible immediately, allowing for prompt and efficient care without the burden of upfront costs in full.

    ​Afterpay Agreement: Clients agree to comply with Afterpay's terms of service, acknowledging that Afterpay is a third-party service and that Boutique Psychology is not liable for issues arising from Afterpay's service.

    ​When using Afterpay at Boutique Psychology, clients must agree to comply with Afterpay's terms of service. This compliance is essential as Boutique Psychology acts as a third-party beneficiary to the transaction, not as a direct party within the Afterpay agreement. This means Boutique Psychology facilitates access to Afterpay as a payment option but is not involved in the management or resolution of disputes related to Afterpay's service. Clients are encouraged to familiarize themselves with Afterpay's terms to ensure a smooth transaction process.

    Cancellation and Refunds: If a client cancels their package, Boutique Psychology's standard cancellation policy applies. Refunds processed through Afterpay will adhere to Afterpay's refund policies. 

    ​For cancellations or non-attendance, Boutique Psychology requires a 48-hour notice to avoid a cancellation fee. If using Afterpay, this policy aligns with our approach to managing bookings and payments. Should you cancel within this period or fail to attend, you remain responsible for any instalment payments due as per Afterpay's schedule. Refunds for any payments made before cancellation will be processed according to Afterpay's refund policy, ensuring that clients are aware of their financial obligations even when appointments change.

    For cancellations with more than 48 hours' notice, Boutique Psychology allows clients to reschedule or cancel appointments without incurring any fees. Payments already made through Afterpay for appointments that are canceled in this timely manner may be eligible for a refund or adjustment in line with Afterpay's refund policies. Clients are encouraged to communicate their needs as early as possible to facilitate smooth adjustments to their care plan and financial arrangements.

    Late Payments: Late payments may incur fees or penalties as outlined in Afterpay's terms of service. Boutique Psychology is not responsible for any fees charged by Afterpay due to late payments.

    Privacy: Boutique Psychology will share necessary transaction details with Afterpay to process the payment. Both parties are committed to protecting clients' privacy in accordance with their respective privacy policies.

    Please view the entire Afterpay Terms and Conditions here. 

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